We are a Greek forwarding agency and 3PL service provider, established in 1975. Since 1994 we operate a private and licenced Storage and Distribution Center with a storage capacity of approx. 3500 euro pallets, located in Inofita Viotias - an industrial hub 52 km north of Athens, GR. Our services are certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Our expertise lies in the international road transport and local storage of consumables' raw materials at monitored cold and dry conditions, thus within a range of +15 to +25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity. We also serve the transport and storage chain of dermoceuticals, toys and packaging materials.

As freight forwarders, we operate with a short-list of trusted Greek subcontractors/frigo truck owners; our main routes refer to FTL/LTL imports to GR by Western European Countries (Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, UK, Spain).

As 3PL service providers we complete the transport chain of cargoes up to their final destination and also implement and offer tailor-made logistic as well as reverse logistic solutions to our Clients.

Our 15-member professional team strives to provide an excellent and worthy service, safeguarding the materials' safety and integrity at all times.   

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